Get Involved!

Membership Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of the Month @ 5:30

The Gordon Chamber of Commerce welcomes the involvement and support of its business community, in fact, we depend on it.  A great way to stay informed and involved in chamber affairs, is to attend our monthly membership meetings.  Membership meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm, members in attendance are given updates on Executive Board actions and reports from the Executive Director on current activities of the Chamber. 

While most actions and business of the Chamber are conducted by the Executive Board, from time to time, Members are asked to vote on matters seeking broader guidance.  Membership meetings are open to members and invited guests.

Membership Meeting Dates:

JANUARY                     FEBRUARY                   MARCH

Thursday, 17th          Thursday, 21st            Thursday, 21st

APRIL                               MAY                                 JUNE

Thursday, 18th           Thursday, 16th         Thursday, 20th

JULY                                 AUGUST                       SEPTEMBER 

Thursday, 18th           Thursday, 15th         Thursday, 19th

OCTOBER                    NOVEMBER               DECEMBER (Christmas Party)

Thursday, 17th          Thursday, 21st           Thursday, 19th


Meeting Agendas

Download meeting agendas here.

Meeting Minutes

Download meeting minutes here.